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Perks Locator will help your business reach a highly targeted audience of interested consumers right at the point of decision. Partners offer exclusive benefits and discounts straight to hotel guests' smartphones while they are only blocks away. By being on Perks Locator's recommended local concierge list, guests can now find your establishment with greater ease and at a higher level of interest.

Tap into a Thriving Market

Americans spend nearly $700 billion dollars each year on travel, an amount that is projected to increase 5% this year alone! 

Primary travel expenditures are food and beverage, accommodations, fuel and ground transportation, retail, entertainment, and services.

Perks Locator brings a captive audience to your business, allowing hotel guests to tap to call directly, find your website and social networking sites, and easily find directions.

How Many Use Mobile for Travel?

Travelers are turning to mobile devices to research destinations for travel.

A recent State of the American Traveler Survey found that among mobile users who utilize their phones for travel, 62% look for restaurants, 49% use maps and GPS-enabled directions, 36% search for retail locations, and 33% want information about sightseeing, entertainment, and attractions.

Hotel guests looking for your products and services use Perks Locator to find trusted businesses as well as exclusive offers right when they need them.

Helping Travelers Make the Right Decision

Perks Locator will help you reach potential customers right at their time of decision. 

Perks Locator acts as a mobile concierge guide so that travelers searching for your product or service can easily find your business through automatic geo-location GPS mapping right at their moment of need.

With their phones, guests can call, join your Facebook page, comment on Yelp, view your extended profile, and be offered an incentive to come visit you today!

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With 2 out of 3 guests using their smartphone to search while travelling, every smart business will want to have an efficient & effective way of communicating with these consumers through mobile.