Finding the Perks for Your Hotel

The Perks Locator mobile application simplifies ordering room service, booking local transportation, finding tours, or planning business meetings or special occasion events. It provides guests with more services without the added cost. Hotels can offer their list of recommended area destinations, services, and much more - all through Perks Locator.

The Mobile Benefit

Nearly 50% of Americans will have a smartphone by the end of 2011, and 57 million use their devices to access the Internet.

As we reach this tipping point, leading hotels have begun experimenting with using mobile phone apps for everything from express checkout and augmented reality to custom room keys.

Perks Locator will act as your mobile guest guide, allowing users to access all hotel services at their convenience. After accessing the app, guests automatically receive a welcome email containing perks, such as a free drink coupon redeemable at your hotel restaurant or bar, spa discounts, or complimentary late check-out.

Your Virtual Concierge

When your guests stay with you, they rely on your guidance for everything from restaurants and transportation to entertainment and shopping.

Now with Perks Locator, guests in a hurry will be able to access your recommendations through the app without having to wait in line or on the phone to reach a concierge.

Guests can also plan their trip in advance, reserving hotel rooms, restaurants, and salon and spa services. Perks Locator is also equipped with a comprehensive GPS mapping system, allowing users to easily find directions to the hotel as well as to the area’s best entertainment and sightseeing venues.

Great Picks for a Great Experience

Each business listed on Perks Locator is handpicked and pre-vetted by your team and ours.

Your guests don't have to depend on the whims of customer reviews to find great restaurants and services. Hotels pick their favorite places and can even create loyalty discount programs to be programed into the app. Perks Locator will help your guests find exactly what they need, when they need it, turning their stay into a cherished memory.

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Over 50% of Americans will own a smartphone before the end of 2011. It is our pleasure to help you connect with your guests!