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Perks Locator and Perks Locator Pro are custom-designed to make life easy for the busy traveler, providing them with the services and information they need in order to make their trip one of a kind.

With more than half of all mobile phone users expected to own a smartphone by the end of 2011, the demand for immediate information will increase. Perks Locator and Perks Locator Pro are said to be the go-to guest service apps of choice for all leading edge hotels and resorts. 

Patrick Neeman

Patrick Neeman is the President of UsabilityCounts.com, a user experience and visual design consultancy firm with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, New York City, and Vancouver, BC. The Usability Counts team focuses on providing elegant designs for users and has worked with Jobvite, Microsoft, Disney Shopping, MySpace, Realtor.com, BlackBerry, WebEx, eBay, and over 20 Internet startups, including leading travel website Orbitz.

Patrick also has had experience with local advertisers as both a Editor-In-Chief of a community newspaper in Orange County, California, and leading a team of 12 editors and producers for Comcast InYourTown, a city guide that was based in 23 regions in the United States. Patrick is also a frequent traveler, and has experienced the difficulty of finding takeout and delivery in Shelton, Connecticut; Oshkosh, Wisconsin; and Sarasota, Florida. 

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More than 50% of US travelers will own a smartphone by the end of 2011. Every smart business will want to have an efficient & effective way of communicating their with customers through mobile devices.